We also accept donations through Easy Paisa. Here are the things you should have while Money Transfer:

  • Your original & valid CNIC and its Photocopy
  • Recipient’s valid CNIC Number
  • Recipient’s and your own mobile phone number (optional)

Carry the above-mentioned things to any authorized Easy Paisa outlet and:

  • Tell the amount of money to the retailer and provide aforementioned 3 things
  • After the transaction is processed through your mobile phone, the retailer will ask you to enter the secret passcode. Keep the code secret.
  • ON completing the transaction, you’ll get a Transaction ID along with the printed receipt.
  • Make payment to the retailer along with service charges
  • If you have provided your and recipient’s phone number, both persons will receive transaction information through SMS message. You will receive the transaction ID, amount as well as CNIC numbers; whereas the recipient will get passcode in the SMS too.

Important: Please do not discard the receipt, keep it as proof for the payment. Don’t tell the Pass Code to anyone…

Now provide the Transaction ID and passcode to the recipient, and you are done.


You can donate us through the following bank details.

Meezan bank Limitted (For Zakat Only)
Account Title: Al Imran Foundation
Account Number: 00000000
IBAN Code (for international Payments): PK65 MEZN 0000 0000 0000 0000
Swift code: MEZNPKKA
Branch Code: 0000
Branch Name: Light House Karachi.

United Bank Limited
Account Title :  Al Imran Foundation
Account Number :    000000000
Branch Code :   1234
IBAN Code (for international Payments):     PK85 UNIL 0000 0000 0000 0000
Address :    United Bank (Ltd) Al-Rehman Branch I.I Chundriger Road Karachi, Pakistan.

Account Title :  Al Imran Foundation
Account Number :   00000000000
Tax ID :    00-0000000 (Your Donation is Tax Deductible)
Address :  Al Imran Foundation
House No. 37A, Main Road 2, G-15/3,

Mobile: 0334-2221441

Any queries please call at 051-2304768

You can also make donations directly through your bank account online. Make sure you have activated your e-banking services. To make payment via bank:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Choose the option to make payment.
  3. Follow the detailed instructions displayed on screen
  4. Enter the correct details.