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Old Age Home

Pakistan is one of only 15 countries worldwide with over 10 million older people. It is estimated that currently seven percent of the population (about 14 million) is over 60 years old.

The problem Pakistan facing abandonment and ill-treatment of the older people. This problem is compounded by several factors that emerge in a changing society, including the decline of the joint family system and immigration trends.

Negligence, loneliness and health issues are the major troubles that the elderly suffer from, some without any support from their families. Despite cultural traditions of caring for the elderly, the number of cases of elder’s abandonment is increasing in Pakistan with passage time.

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Our Mission

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Live With Dignity

Inspire and encourage people to abide by the Human Rights standards
Create a safe heaven for women and children in which they can dream of a bright future
Spread awareness about the basic Human Rights that people usually are unaware of
Safeguard the women and children against assault, abuse and iniquity.
Fair treatment to people demanding their must-have rights and freedoms of civil liberties

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Future Insights

Al Imran Foundation has been working for years against the injustice and inhumane activities germinating not just in Pakistan but also around the world. To extend the scope of our endeavors, we will launching new projects to cater to the needs of people treated unjustly in any part of the world.


We have our keen attention towards social injustice that goes unnoticed; we are constantly working to give our full measure and counter such issues and To take necessary action in preventing Human Rights Violations and providing aid and assistance including legal aid to victims of Human Rights violations and to individuals and Group striving to protect Human Rights.