Al Imran Foundation

Al Imran Foundation offers an alternate way of life for such older people who need assistance with their daily life.This foundation is a place where seniors can live without any hassles, tensions or worries.There are well-trained caregivers who understand the needs of residents, sometimes even without their saying or knowing so.Depending on the needs of these seniors, customized care is available, where they can live a wellbalanced and active life, in the familiarity and comfort of their own home-like environment.

Al Imran Foundation is non-profitable trust representing the oppressed and less privileged population. At Al Imran Foundation, we work tirelessly to combat poverty, injustice, conflict and disaster.

We stand firm alongside the vulnerable people to help them get their basic rights, improve their living conditions and stay protected from the unjust conditions. Within no time, the trust has become Pakistan’s one of the fastest growing organizations.



To aware the society about the basic human rights.

Women Empower

To empower the women regarding their basic human rights.

Human Rights

To train the human rights activists by giving them trainings on human rights issues

Developing Projects

To develop the self-sustainable projects for the Pakistani community.